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#sketches mermaid.

#sketches mermaid.


Designer of the week - 21/07/2014

Karming Wong    |

Karming Wong is a graphic designer based in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, who practices craftsmanship, across print, web and a bit of creative writing. He likes to combine art and design together as he believes that there’s a interrelationship between two.

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Livraria Cultura

São Paulo, Brasil

By  Studio MK27 - Marcio Kogan + Diana Radomysler + Luciana Antunes + Marcio Tanaka + Mariana Ruzante

via Archdaily Brasil

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Face to Face with Scotland’s Shaggy Highland Cows

For more photos and videos of Scotland’s shaggy cattle, follow @murn_eilidh_kate and browse the #highlandcow and #highlandcoo hashtags.

Long-horned and remarkably shaggy cattle graze throughout the rolling hills of the Scottish countryside, capturing the hearts of visiting and local Instagrammers alike. Officially called the Highland cow, the breed is also known by its name in the Scots language, kyloe, and by the affectionate name of Highland “coo” for its pronunciation in the Scottish accent.

The cows are more than just a shaggy coat with horns for 17-year-old Scotland Instagrammer Murn Cameron (@murn_eilidh_kate), who works with her family on the Dunach Estate farm near Oban. “The cattle are really inquisitive and curious about humans, and they want to interact with us,” she explains. “They all have different personalities a bit like humans. The calves are very cheeky—and adorable.”

Murn takes her phone with her into the fields, capturing the cattle in all their different colors. “I have a soft spot for the red ones myself,” she says. “People joke and say it is because of the similar hair color as I am ginger, and I must say they may have a point!”


Stuff of fairy tales: stepping into Europe’s last old-growth forest

by Jeremy Hance

On bison, wolves, and woodpeckers: the wonder of Europe’s only lowland virgin forest.

There is almost nothing left of Europe’s famed forests, those that provided for human communities for millennia and gave life to the world’s most famous fairytales. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t forests in Europe, far from it: approximately 35 percent of the EU is currently covered in forest. But almost all of this is either plantations or secondary growth, having been logged sometime in the last few hundred years and in many areas logged in the last couple decades.

This is why, according to author and guide, Lukasz Mazurek, the Bialowieza Forest is so special: “You really feel here like you travelled back in time some hundreds or thousands of years.”…

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photographs by Lukasz Mazurek

(Source: horrorfixxx)

Make the American Bison our national mammal | World Wildlife Fund


Right now, there is a bipartisan effort in Congress to make the American bison the national mammal of the US. We support this effort because by passing this legislation, the importance of bison will be recognized and help to ensure that this majestic species endures in America.

Will you join us in showing your support for this national symbol?

Urge your representatives to pay tribute to this American icon by supporting the National Bison Legacy Act…

Back in Duluth again. Lake Agnes is such a beautiful slice of the world.

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